Official Google Communities & Google Pages on Google Plus - A Complete Resource List

Google Plus is currently the fastest growing social network on the internet; although not quite the size of Facebook (yet), the fact that it has Google behind it means that it is only going to become more prevalent in our online lives.

There are lots of great guides out there on Google Plus, but one of the things you can do right now is to join some of the Google Plus communities (like real time forums) and follow Google Plus pages and people from Google itself.

+Denis Labelle , a knowledgeable and well-connected influencer on Google Plus recently put together a great toolbox of Google resources for all parts of Google business (not just G+); in this post, we'll share the ones that relate to Google Plus itself.

Who is this article on Google Plus Communities & Pages for?

  • People that want to follow official Google Plus pages
  • People that want to join official Google Plus communities
  • People that want to learn more about Google Plus
  • People that want to learn more about Google in general
  • People that want to interact with Google

What are the benefits of this article?

  • You'll have a better understanding of where you can get support and talk about Google products in the official communities
  • You'll be able to follow official Google pages and get/share information via Google Plus

What does this article cover?

It covers all of the current Google Plus official pages (in other words, the pages on Google Plus run by Google itself) and also the official Google plus communities that are setup and moderated by Google.

Official Google Pages and Googlers on Google Plus

Below, you'll find a list of all the official Google Plus pages; simply hover over a link to get a popup and add it to your circles.

Official Google Pages - Accelerate to Gmail

Official Google Pages - Google Ads to Google Cultural Institute

Official Google Pages - Google Drive to Google for Media

Official Google Pages - Google for Nonprofits to Google Students

Official Google Pages - Google Travel to Google Web Academy

Official Google Communities on Google Plus

Below you'll find the official Google Plus communities, setup and moderated by Google; simply click through to a community, join it and read the guidelines before posting and interacting.

Help and advice

Business and commerce

Coding and development

Culture and Entertainment

Education and Others


YouTube and Video


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